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  • Bulk bin: 2100 lbs

    Considered a “one-time” use only bulk container, similar to the I.B.C., however, not for reuse. Practical usage is one-way operations, out-of-state, or export. High “stackability” in warehouse storage facilities. Recommended for use in non-GMO and Organic oil sales! (Non-returnable)

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  • I.B.C. Tote: 275 gallons

    A reusable industrial container (hard plastic box, supported by a steel ribbed frame/cage), designed for transport and bulk storage of bulk oils. Capacity is approximate at 275 gallons and up to 330 gallons. Great for maximum use in mass production facilities. (Returnable)

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  • Tanker

    Is a motor vehicle designed to transport bulk oils from further processor location directly to major bulk oil customers, i.e. bakeries, and food manufacturers. Customer must have access to large storage tanks on premise. Tank capacity may vary from 20,000 lbs. to 45,000 lbs., depending on customer’s tank capacity and requirements.

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