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GMO vs Non-GMO vs Organic… what’s the difference?
In recent years, there has been a market revolution that has changed the way the end users make purchase decisions when it comes to food products: GMO, Non-GMO, Organic…
For many years the USA has been the pioneer in developing high efficiency seed hybrids that can produce more seed crops per acres. The GMO seeds are more resistant to diseases, heat, and other factors that have a direct impact on crop yields. You can only accomplish this by genetically modifying the seeds.
On the other hand, Non-GMO are natural seeds, that man has not changed in their genetics.
Organic is the purest and cleanest products in the market place. The seeds do not use chemical fertilizers, and crops are not sprayed with any anti-disease chemicals. Crop yields tent to be lower than GMO but at the end of the day the organic fruits, vegetables and oilseeds are cleaner and safer for end consumers.