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How to choose the right cooking oil?

Know your cooking temperature

Different foods require different level of heat, and selecting the right smoking point oil will guarantee you won’t burn your delicious meal. Knowing what cooking temperature your meal requires (low, medium, high) will help choose the correct oil.

American Vegetable Oils provides various cooking temperature oils from 325° all the way to 520° for all your cooking needs.

What is Cold Pressed oil?

“Cold Pressed” simply refers to the process by which the seed or fruit is extracted to produce oil. The oil extracted from the first pressing is of the highest quality and purity. “Organic Cold Pressed” also means harsh chemicals were not used to extract the oil.

AVO cooking oil with fresh slice of salmon

What is Expeller Pressed Oil?

Labeled Expeller Pressed? It denotes it’s a good oil to purchase. It does not use any additional chemicals, like some other processes do in order to obtain larger quantities of oil. In one single step, with the use of an intense force, it physically squeezes the oil out of the seed or fruit. No added heat in this process, but the pressure and friction involved will increase heat from the unit. So technically, this process is not “cold pressed”.

“Expeller Pressed” oils, just like “Cold Pressed” oils, can be obtained from a considerable amount of distinct seeds, but only the ones that have been approved for consumption are sold to the public.

AVO Cooking Oils

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