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AVO is getting a facelift

The ‘old’ AVO brand

American Vegetable Oils have been producing high quality oils and ingredients since 2001. We have established our reputation over the years by serving the retail and food industry with our high end and affordable products. AVO is and always have been a name that our consumers love.

Change is coming…

Tradition is a wonderful thing and we build our future on it with our new and updated AVO logo, which will take over all our products in the coming months. It was a much needed change to help us bring our new and improved products into the new year with a new, fresh and contemporary look.

The new look

If you love and trust the AVO brand, fear not! We will replace our existing labels with our updated look gradually to allow a smooth transition into our new brand image. Take a look at our redesigned labels on our Products page and let us know if you love our new look as much as we do!

AVO: Made For Great Cooking